Oh, the Perils the Gerrymander!
Is it  Surfacing in Carroll County?

Sadly many in Carroll County don't realize they have HOCO representation.

What's that you say?   "HoCoStat", Mr. Kittleman? And you want us to believe it is your idea?  Did you ever hear of Martin O’Malley’s brother marketing his company “GovStat” to other businesses worldwide?


HAVE YOU EVER HEARD  OF "CITYSTAT" MR. KTTLEMAN?   FYI,  included below is the origin of the "Stat" iterations, straight from the Harvard Kennedy School Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation. Pathetically pointing out the NYC Police Program "CompuStat."


Mr. Kittleman, you claim to be a Republican and yet you proudly announced a program championed by a former Democrat Mayor & Governor of Maryland - and we all witness where OWE'Malley took the Great State of Maryland. Are you in lock step with the Democrats, Mr. Kittleman? We don't view this as going along to get along.


Might we the people of Carroll County consider that your stepmother, Trent Kittleman was gerrymandered into Carroll County to drag such into Carroll County, too?  BTW – Did the two Kittlemans sign on to Doug Howard’s “private” scam  Vision 2030, which was also ordained and propagated by the OWE’Malley administration under various names? Iterations of the United Nations' "agendas". Actions have shown that the Kittlemans and Doug Howard are just puppets of the Democrat party -  arrogant enough for all to pretend their self appointed genius has surfaced as "Republican Genius."




In your own proud words, Mr. Alan Kittleman, HoCoStat, source: Alan Kittleman website:



Baltimore Sun Commentary of 07/8/2013 Draw your own conclusions on benefits of gerrymandering