Across America, many powerful private groups intend to change our system of representative government to a system of dictatorial, non-elected regional commissions.  Is that what you want in Carroll County? That is exactly what Carroll will get if this 2030 "plan" spearheaded by Doug Howard is not stopped.

     "More and more non-profit organizations are being created, fragmenting from others, spinning off and creating more non-profits. Funding comes from state and federal grants, from your taxes and fees, private grants, donations (tax write-offs), and from lawsuits. You'll find the League of Women Voters advocating for Smart Growth. The Lung Association lobbies for Smart Growth. The National Association of Realtors advocates for Smart Growth. The Chamber of Commerce does too. So does the AFL-CIO. Are your dues or professional fees paying for UN Agenda 21/Sustainable Development.?  Are you volunteering for a group supporting UN Agenda 21/Sustainable Development?" source 

      Vision 2030, a.k.a., Carroll 2030 is  the "private" work of one commissioner named Doug Howard.  Carroll 2030 is NOT the work of your 2010 or current Board of Commissioners unless Howard convinces the new Board to initialize this diabolical plan.   No one commissioner is in charge of your Government.  Doug Howard has been using his prestige of office and Carroll County Government assets to further his political ambitions with activities such as Carroll 2030.  Please review the documents related to Carroll 2030.

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Carroll Vision 2030 is just another excuse for UN Agenda 21 behaviors.  In an effort to prevent Agenda 21 in Carroll County: A Citizen served an ethics complaint to Carroll County’s Ethics Committee and Board of Commissioners in June of 2014.  Then, in November of 2014, the Board of Commissioners,  including Doug Howard, voted to fire the Ethics Administrator,.  It is hard to believe that the very man who the ethics complaint is mainly about did not not recuse himself from voting to fire the Administrator who was investigating the Ethics Complaint of June 2014.  When are you going to scream for honest Government, Carroll County?