The political policy of the United Nations has unfortunately gained influence into many areas of our American landscape including Maryland and specifically Carroll County in this example.  "Carroll 2030" is an example of the latest "push" of UN political influence.  (Carroll County citizens previously fought another similar program known as "Pathways".)  This iteration of political propaganda surfaces under various names such as "Vision 2030,"  "Carroll 2030," and lastly titled "Carroll 2030 and Beyond". 

After staffing his office with an  assistant "operative" with plans such as these UN inspired programs, lone commissioner, Mr. Doug Howard pursued his "idea" to corporatize Carroll's form of government -- without regard for the fact that Citizens elect a representative Board of Commissioners, 2030 is NOT the work of either our present Board or any previous one, nor was it ever officially tasked with such work.  (By law, a County Board of Commissioners may officially act only as a whole Board which serves as both the Legislative and Executive branches of County government.)

After more than two years of non-public "2030" meetings and planning, Mr. Howard encouraged the Board of Commissioners to approve " 2030" and adopt its work, as if it were a product of the Executive Body.  His effort intentionally lacked a public process - no Open Meetings, transparency, Board sanction, and checks on government actions. 

Mr. Howard presented to the Board a "Overview," and " Initial Findings & Discussion Points to engage the public" documents/presentations,  which also a pre-written draft of "By Laws". Hi ambition was to craftily slip his "personal" group's plans into Carroll County government. On December 11, 2014, he requested that the Board make "Carroll 2030 and Beyond" an official body, to be designated a "Council" made up of "clusters". Had the Board approved "2030", consequential decisions involving spending, regulations, and deal-making, would have been managed by un-elected and unaccountable people - completely contrary to the public's rightful form of government.  

"Howard's 2030" purported to address needs within our County, yet each of those activities are already within the purview of those in elected and employed positions under State law, regulations, and/or County Code. Removing government from The People not only circumvents lawful process—it is not even necessary!

"Conflict of interest" and using "prestige of office" are serious ethics issues, and ought to be considered when looking into the history and process of "2030".  We invite all citizens to read those sections of Title III Chapter 34 Carroll County's Ethics Code.

  • Through his stealthy political craftmans-ship, Mr. Howard was also eligible to vote on his own "personal idea" as a Board member. He is one of five commissioners whose vote would have decided for or against a non-public transformation of Carroll's government into “Council” government.
  • Mr.Steven Wantz, a sitting commissioner has been a long time participant in Howard's "2030 workgroup."  In addition to receiving a $2,500 campaign contribution from the International Association of Firefighters, on Dec. 23rd in Open Session, regarding "2030, Mr. Wantz said that he had reached out "to fourteen fire companies in fourteen different locations in Carroll County speaking to thousands of people about "2030" during his campaign. Not only did he use Howard's "private" non-public workgroup for political gain, he was then elected and put in a position to vote on it - a most questionable ethics issue.

Indeed, an  additional three Commissioners who would have been voting on this action took influence campaign contributions from the MD State Teacher's union - considering that over $ 330 million of our property taxes are issued to the MD. Board of Education, one can quickly realize that this sort of influence money should be at least ethically questionable.

There are two "2030" Slideshows presented to the Board of Commissioners below for review.  Upon comparing the two shows, differences are readily noticeable.  The day that Slideshow 2 was presented, each Carroll County Commissioner was given a packet containing documents.  Those documents even included a "draft By Laws," and both slideshow printouts as the work product of "Carroll 2030".  In comparing these two slide shows one can readily notice efforts to invoke a new "Council", work of which which had never been available to scrutiny or public participation according to law - satisfying the requirements of The Open Meetings Act; nor was any of this "private workgroup" authorized by our rightful Executive Board.  Unfortunately, it is quite possible that those unauthorized activities continue under the charming name of "Economic Development" deficit spending, a burden on the future income of our children, children's children and great-grandchildren. 

        03/06/14 Slideshow 1

        12/11/14 Slideshow 2

Carroll 2030 Slideshow of 3/6/2014
Carroll 2030 Mission
Carroll 2030 Members

NOTE:  This SWOT analysis had only 73 responses!

Carroll 2030 "Clusters"
Carroll 2030 Process
Carroll 2030 Priorities
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Carroll 2030 Request
Carroll 2030 First Year
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